[jdom-interest] Problems with '<' and '>' in element.addContent()

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Wed Jan 2 04:04:04 PST 2002

> Hi
> I have a problem when I try to add content included the signs "<"
> and ">"to an element. I write:
> element.addContent("<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY>");

The characters '<' and '>' are xml characters and jdom asumes when these 
characters is in a child content that these characters is to be escaped as 
not to be read as xml characters ( '&lt;' is the escape for '<' and '&gt;' 
for '>').

To get what you need i jdom you must make a 'HTML' element and add a 'HEAD' 
element and a 'BODY' element as children to the 'HTML' element.

Content inside the body must then be added as children to the 'BODY' 


Element root = new Element("HTML");
Document doc = new Document( root );

root.addContent(new Element("HEAD");

Element body = new Element("BODY"); 
root addContent(body);

Element header1 = new Element("H1");

header1.addContent("text 1");

body.addContent("text 2");

When outputting this document you shoud get someting like

     <H1>text 1</H1>
     text 2

But im not certain JDOM is good for html as valid html is not nesesarily 
valid xml.


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