[jdom-interest] XML JSP dynamic HTML attributes solution?

Jason Long jason at supernovasoftware.com
Mon Apr 29 17:16:21 PDT 2002

I am using JDOM to generate many JSP pages in XML syntax.
Some the HTML tags have request-time attributes calculated.
This worked fine using the old JSP syntax as follows:

   <param name="Filename" value="<%=pathDWF%"> />

I am trying to get the following code to run:

   <param name="Filename" value="%=pathDWF%" />

The output is:

   <param name="Filename" value="%=pathDWF%" />

I really like the XML syntax, but i need to generate dynamic attributes for
HTML.  I would appreciate any advice you might have.

Best Regards,

Jason Long - CEO and Chief Softare Engineer
Supernova Software - supernovasoftware.com
BS Physics, MS Chemical Engineering

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