[jdom-interest] Maybe a bug report related to the 'detach' method...

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Thu Apr 11 07:24:23 PDT 2002

>> Also if you use the ListIterator instead of the Iterator it shoud (if
>> correctly implementet) allow modification outside the
>> ListIterator.
> Why do you say that? That's not true of ArrayList or LinkedList, and
> it's not true of FilterList either. Both the Iterator and the
> ListIterator work the same with with regard to concurrent modification.
> Alex

Obs, my fault. I wrote this from memory, I checked and you are right
ListIterator does not alow this eihter.

Then (List)Iterator.remove() is the only option if you are to remove 
elements while iterating. 


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