[jdom-interest] question about running speed

Gu Xueying (Shinnie Gu) Shinnie.Gu at iuniverse.com.cn
Wed Apr 10 00:45:25 PDT 2002

You mean that walk through an xml with heavy mixed content (after
building)is faster with beta 8?
But when walking through the document and doing some movement of the
element, it is still slower than beta7? Do you have any ideas about this?

Shinnie Gu
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I'll update the test results at 
http://www.sosnoski.com/opensrc/xmlbench/index.html later this month, 
but from what I've seen in running through the last test set again beta 
8 is generally about 10-30% slower on building the document 
representation than beta 7. The one exception was the document with 
heavy mixed content, which was actually about 20% faster with beta 8. 
Walking through the document representation is generally about twice as 
fast with the new list code, so at least that's a very nice gain.

It looks like memory usage has gone up substantially, though, and you're 
working with a large file. If you were near the limit before the change 
probably would have put you all the way into the thresh zone. Try 
increasing the JVM memory when you run your program (perhaps use "java 
-Xms128M -Xmx128M", assuming you've got at least 128M in your machine).

  - Dennis

Gu Xueying (Shinnie Gu) wrote:

>I'm a user of jdom. I have use jdom - b7 for more than 4 months.
>Now I want to update codes to jdom - b8. But when testing I find that jdom
>b8's speed is much lower than beta 7.
>If I run my program with jdom - b7 it just costs 2 minutes while with jdom
>b8 it costs even more than 15 minutes.
>I want to know why b8 slow so much. 
>(my program is to change a xml's structure with jdom and the size of the
>is about 2M).
>Any help is appreciate.
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