[jdom-interest] question about running speed

Gu Xueying (Shinnie Gu) Shinnie.Gu at iuniverse.com.cn
Mon Apr 8 20:53:06 PDT 2002

I'm a user of jdom. I have use jdom - b7 for more than 4 months.
Now I want to update codes to jdom - b8. But when testing I find that jdom -
b8's speed is much lower than beta 7.
If I run my program with jdom - b7 it just costs 2 minutes while with jdom -
b8 it costs even more than 15 minutes.
I want to know why b8 slow so much. 
(my program is to change a xml's structure with jdom and the size of the xml
is about 2M).
Any help is appreciate.


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