[jdom-interest] CDATA class

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Fri Apr 5 11:33:16 PST 2002

> I'm working up my JDOM notes for SD2002 next month. A couple of quick
> questions:
> 1. At various times it's been suggested that CDATA be made a subclass of
> Text. Has there been a final decision on that one way or the other? If
> nothing else making CDATA a subclass of text would:
>   A. Make the codebase smaller
>   B. Make JDOM simpler for programmers who don't care about CDATA
> sections. They could just treat them like any other text node.
>   C. Be a little closer to the infoset model.

I believe that makes perfect sense.

> 2. Is CDATA really the right name? In point of fact, CDATA is actually
> an attribute type in XML. What the CDATA class models is really a
> CDATASection. This is probably our last opportunity to get this right.
> After 1.0 we really won't be able to change it.

My gut instinct is to leave this alone.


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