[jdom-interest] How to use SAXOutputter of JDOM beta 5??

antony at n-space.com.au antony at n-space.com.au
Tue Jan 30 19:38:23 PST 2001

>                 How to use the <  void  output(Document document) > method
> of the SAXOutputter class of org.jdom.output package of JDOM Beta 5
> parser.....This helps in the firing of the SAX events.....Where and how do
> we declare the SAX eventhandlers?
>                         Anyone knows this ...then plz help me.....Thanx in
> advance!

In beta 5 the SAXOutputter class is empty - which is why you can't see
how to use it. Get a snapshot - I use 2000-01-24, and although I haven't
yet used SAXOutputter (which is the reason I got the snapshot) at least
the code is there.

I (and my configuration management system) would prefer more
regular/recent officially stamped beta releases, but then I haven't
contributed to the project yet, and I'm just grateful JDOM exists.

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