[jdom-interest] PipedInput + PipedOutput

Paul Libbrecht paul at ags.uni-sb.de
Tue Jan 30 16:30:45 PST 2001

At 10:44 +1030 31/01/01, antony at n-space.com.au wrote:
>I've noticed quite a few posts talking about using
>PipedInput{Stream,Reader} and PipedOutput{Stream,Writer} to convert
>between push/pull I/O models. Yet in all the posts I've seen I get the
>impression that it's being done in a single thread, which is unsafe
>because the spec makes no guarantee of buffer size.
>So my question is: are people actually doing this in seperate threads
>and decoupling?

I even believe the buffer is... null... hence you HAVE to make it on 
separate threads.
We do. And on deadlocks, we change these by stupid string readers/writers.


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