[jdom-interest] JDOM -> Xalan using SAX

Lasse Lindgård lazlo at mindless.com
Mon Jan 29 00:55:43 PST 2001


I just know what I've read at the mailing-list. I (or someone else, I don't
remember) posted the stream version at the list a long time ago and got
mocked for it beeing the worst possible approach.
1) XSL interal format beeing the best (I don't know what it is in Xalan2,
and even then it is unaccessable).
2) A XSL engine that would read JDOM directly (doesn't exists yet) as #2
3) SAX
4) DOM
5) Streams #5.
I havn't had time to measure the performance-difference. And I wouldn't
personally belive a word of it before I see clean numbers telling me the

The reasoning goes something like this. If you use steams you will have to
parse your jdom doc into a steam and then the XSL engine will parse them out
and convert them to whatever internal format it uses.

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