[jdom-interest] help in jdom using jsp

Sebouh sebouh at dcsoftintl.com
Wed Jan 24 01:28:28 PST 2001

hello guys i have this jsp file which i like to load an XML file, so that i
can manipulate later.
i'm using jdom classes to do so. i have a java class that works perfectly,
but i can't run it in jsp.
(i'm using Jaguar CTS)
my jsp file and the xml file are in the same directory, when i load this
page it gives

500 Servlet jspservlet: unable to service request: tree.xml: tree.xml
Server:Jaguar Server Version 3.6 Connection:Keep-Alive

<%@ page

DOMBuilder dom = new DOMBuilder();
Document doc = dom.build (new File ("tree.xml"));


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