[jdom-interest] retrieving allowed elements

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Jan 22 11:49:14 PST 2001

> Ahh, Got a chance to look at the DOMBuilder code and see that you use the
> Adapters (either the default xerces adapter, or one that I define). I will
> take a look at Xerces then and see if they have any kind of support for
> this.
> Now another quick question: Are any Adapters being written that don't use
> Xerces or SAX (Crimson, etc), ie -  a native jdom adapter? To me this seems
> logical according this part of the mission statement:

There are adapters for all popular DOM impls.  There's no such thing as
a "native JDOM adapter" because we're not a DOM impl.  You can build
docs using SAX, DOM, or just normal JDOM constructor calls.  Some parser
implementors have expressed a desire to build JDOM objects directly. 
Then we could avoid touching SAX or DOM -- although using SAX isn't so
bad from a performance perspective.


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