[jdom-interest] Element.copy()

Guy Nirpaz guyn at tantian.com
Tue Jan 16 07:29:10 PST 2001

Hi Anthony,

>Sorry ahead of time if this has already been covered.

>In JDOM B5 there is no Element.copy() method without arguments.  Wouldn't
>be useful to be able to just copy an element without having to supply a new

use Element.clone() - it performs a deep copy of the Element

>Another question: Is there any way to remove the root element from one
>document and set it as a sub element to an element in another document
>(without having to copy)?

No. Jason said something about Element.detach() method, but currently it
isn't implemented.
In this case, again you have to clone the root element and attach it to the
other document.

BTW - you should use the cvs version. B5 isn't up to date.


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