[jdom-interest] processing instruction issue (for Alessandro del Piero ;-))

Dominik Hasek DHasek1 at excite.com
Mon Jan 15 01:34:25 PST 2001

Hi, processing instruction issue is not a bug but just a mis-understanding

It added to the end cause you said to your code to add it to the end.

Here is the answer to your issue :

let's say xmlStyleSheetTag is your processing instruction and
xmlProcessingInstructions is a java.util.List;

Just ask your Document to give you the MixedContent. it is a reference to
the List that is containing your xml Doc.

It is List so you can add your processing instruction wherever you want.

So add your processing Instruction to the beginning with the add method.

Take care Alessandro.

_xmlStyleSheetPairs = new HashMap();
_xmlStyleSheetPairs.put("type", "text/xsl");
_xmlStyleSheetPairs.put("href", xslStyleSheetPath);

_xmlStyleSheetTag=new ProcessingInstruction("xml-stylesheet",



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