[jdom-interest] RE:Any expected release date for 1.0?

Deel, Sam Sam.Deel at sterling-fsg.com
Fri Jan 12 12:08:44 PST 2001


When do we expect the JSR process to start.  I see that it looks to be a
several months process once it starts.  Does this mean that JDOM won't get
out of beta for 5-7 months?  Developers in my group are a very uncomfortable
delivering anything that is based on a beta release and my timeframe to
deliver is about 5 months.  I am afraid the risks are greater than my
project will permit.


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It's an independent JSR.  JAXP is likely to support JDOM once the JSR
process has completed.  The JDOM JSR is not listed because it's just
getting started.


Michael Brennan wrote:
> Thanks for the info. Is there an independent JSR for it or is it being
> subsumed into JAXP? I wasn't able to find any reference to a JSR for this
> the Java Community Process web site.
> Thanks.

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