[jdom-interest] xmlns="" in children elements of root

Rodney S. Foley rsfoley at harddollar.com
Wed Aug 29 08:12:02 PDT 2001

I tried this with the beta 7 binaries, and also downloaded the source
yesterday (8-28-01) afternoon and have the same problem.

When I give my root element (using XMLOutputter) a namespace of just
"xmlns=http://www.someplace.com" I do not explicitly assign a namespace to
any of the children elements at any level, but the first level children of
the root are assigned a namespace of 'xmlns=""' which I can not figure out
why and can not get ride of it.  This should not be happening and makes it
invalid against the schema.  

Has anyone had this happen to them, and/or does anyone know how to correct

Rodney S. Foley

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