[jdom-interest] Design of a tree and UI on the web client via JDOM

Tapan Tapan at optechsolutions.com
Thu Aug 16 07:07:15 PDT 2001

Hi all
I have a design Issue to discuss here. I have a project and there are tasks
of a project. A project can have many tasks. Further a project task can be
made a subproject and can have tasks again.  Doesnt it look like a Tree
structure ?? All the data for the projects and tasks is presently in a
relational Dabase.
Now I want the tree structure to be sent to a web client for making changes.
The web client can drag and drop tasks any where for eg move the tasks to a
different sequence, reschedule them. He can also expand the time span of the
projects and tasks. All this via  a GUI on the client.The web client has to
be as light as possible...
I was thinking that JDOM fits into picture very well. Can the gurus suggest
me how do we design this.  Any help will be appreciated.

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