[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter PI and formatting problem...

Brett McLaughlin brett at newInstance.com
Tue Aug 14 14:34:53 PDT 2001

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I know I can use XMLOutputter.setTextNormalize(true). This cures the new
line problem, but introduces another problem. If a have 2 entities seperated
by a space e.g. "hell&ouml; &uuml;brella" (hellö ümbrella), the space will
get trimmed.

Also, new lines are not introduced when the element content is just a String
or CDATA but new lines are introduced for other combinations containing
Strings. e.g :

<element>hello world</element>  ---> this is ok

<element>hello w&ouml;rld</element> ---> the text starts on new lines
                                         (as well as the entity) and becomes


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I've recently added some patches from Alex Chaffee to XMLOutputter... can
you try this again now and see if there is a different result?

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