[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter PI and formatting problem...

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Aug 10 14:32:10 PDT 2001

> I'm having some trouble with unexpanded entities. Basically, in the output,
> each unexpanded entity starts on a new line. This is ok, but when I call the
> updateFile() method on that file again, I get another line break added
> before and after the unexpanded entity. So the more times I call the method,
> the more line breaks I get between my entities!

Sounds like a problem.

> I was going to override the printElementContent() method in XMLOutputter in
> a subclass, but this is not possible as it needs to access some private
> variables. 

Hmm... that's another problem.  Which specifically caused problems?

> Or maybe change it directly so that new line handling is more consistent for
> element text, and unexpanded entities do not start on new lines?

Yes, I don't see any reason for unexpanded entities to start on new

> I've gone and done the later, and attached the code for the overriden
> method. Would it be viable to do this? If not any ideas on what else I can
> do?

For simplicity, could you submit this as a unified diff on the file? 
"cvs diff -u XMLOutputter.java" or if you're not using CVS then just
diff -u between the old and new versions.

I've CC'd Alex Chaffee since he's most involved in XMLOutputter.  Alex,
would you do a sanity check of the patch?


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