[jdom-interest] Extending SAXHandler

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Thu Aug 9 09:53:31 PDT 2001


I've started developing an XMLFilter that creates JDOM Elements based on 
XPath-like regular expressions and notifies listeners when they're ready 
(instead of loading the whole XML document in a JDOM Document).
I tried to base my implementation on SAXHandler (code reuse !) but it appears 
this latter is totally closed to the concept of sub-class: No protected member 
variables, no protected hook methods I can use.

Basically, I need to access the element under-construction either directly 
(i.e. making stack protected), through a method (getCurrentElement, public or 
protected) or through hook methods that SAXHandler would use when manipulating 
the Element.

Would it be acceptable to modify SAXHandler in this direction?


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