[jdom-interest] The "SmartBuilder" idea...

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Tue Aug 7 16:18:06 PDT 2001


About a week ago I posted about the need for some type of
"SmartBuilder/SmartDocument" and was looking for more items which might be available
somewhere before I start to write something.  The reasons I see a need for such a
thing is two-fold:

* Need a reader/builder which can handle large files (say for example sake in the
~7mb range)
* Would like some common API like JDOM to access this file (even XPath/Jaxen libs)

I would say likewise to just use a SAXHandler for my needs but Id still find myself
filling up bean/objects in memory anyway, so the question is how to logically handle
this type of situtation.  For right now it seems that a JDOM Document can build OK @
certain levels like ~1mb (Im sure others have different experiences) so if this is
the case would it make sense on splitting up the root element in memory to different
pieces or temporarily dump the root element off to another handler @ certain
breakpoints of the build?

if (file.length() > 1000000) // allocate Element array to fill
buildFinished() // combine and create the Document

Would this really help any?

- Jon

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