[jdom-interest] Suppressing <?xml version="1.0"?>

Robert rmcintosh at bull-enterprises.com
Mon Feb 21 20:54:34 PST 2000

This would be nice to have. I know that it is required by XML, but in a case
like mine, I'm embedding dynamically generated XML into another XML
document, as I then have to manually remove the declaration, as it can only
appear at the begining of the document.


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By the way, I noticed that the XML Declaration (processing instruction) is
suppressed in SOAP messages.


    "All SOAP messages are encoded using XML. ... A SOAP message MUST NOT
contain Processing Instructions. ... The Envelope is the top element of the
XML document representing the message."


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> > Apologies if this is a FAQ but is there
> > a way of getting the [XMLOutputter] not to
> > print the <?xml  version="1.0"?> line?
> There's no built-in way for XMLOutputter to
> suppress the decl because it's required by XML.

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