[jdom-interest] RE: JDOM Compile Error on List Type?

McFarland, Todd Todd.McFarland at fmr.com
Wed Dec 20 11:04:13 PST 2000

I just copied over the JDOM-B5 zip instead of using the one on the web site.
I opened the source files for "Element.java" and the imports are different
the two zip files (sun.java.collections.List) vs. (java.util.*).

How did I download the wrong one???

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Subject: JDOM Compile Error on List Type?

JDOM works fine on one machine but fails on another with:

List lst = xElem.getChildren();
--> Incompatible type for declaration.  Can't convert
com.sun.java.util.collections.List to java.util.List.

I've installed jdk1.2.2 on both machines with JDOM Beta 5.  Any ideas?

- Todd

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