[jdom-interest] reorganize the input class to remove W3C Dependency.

Shah, Mayank Mayank.Shah at gs.com
Thu Dec 14 11:34:05 PST 2000

I'm trying to use JDOM in an Applet using JDK 1.1.x.  As I see it, there are
two dependencies, 1.1 collection classes and W3C DoM classes in jdom.input
Can you break out the classes in the input package and have a sub class for
those that wish to import a W3C Dom in to JDom (I use that feature in my
servlet, and need that ability.)  

I wish to reduce the number of classes that I load in my applet.  In the
applet, I will have a XML string spit out by the servlet (using JDom) and
will read it back in.


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