[jdom-interest] Build From a String Performance Problem?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Dec 14 11:31:21 PST 2000

Probably 2.8 seconds of those 3 seconds are spend loading the Xerces
classes.  It's a very big parser designed to optimize running speed not
startup speed.  Try a second load once the JVM is "warmed" with the
Xerces classes and it's probably much faster.  But you'll also notice
JDOM lets you plug in any parser you want to the SAXBuilder constructor.


"McFarland, Todd" wrote:
> I think I'm missing something here!
> The second line of code takes about 3 seconds to execute, which makes the
> parser unusable for me.
> The microsoft parser however, is instantanious.  Can anyone comment?
> String sXML = "<TestX><Val1>some value</Val1></TestX>";
> Document doc = new org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder().build(new
> StringReader(sXML));
> Thanks,
> - Todd
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