[jdom-interest] What do we want JDOM to be?

Nicholas Chase nchase at sitedynamics.com
Wed Dec 6 05:35:07 PST 2000

> Most people really like JDOM the first time they lay their hands on it. And
> the excitement even increases when they do actual coding using JDOM (at
> least me and my team have). But, after a while people start looking for more
> advanced features - like XPath, XSLT, etc... . Some of them are inside JDOM
> some aren't yet and some will never be.

But there's nothing that says they HAVE to be.  Maybe I'm out of line here,
but what's wrong with using JDOM for the simpler things it was intended for,
then pulling in some other API for the occasions when JDOM won't do what you

----  Nick

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