[jdom-interest] Proposal to add doc.removeContent()

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Dec 5 20:33:20 PST 2000

I propose to add doc.removeContent() methods for all types except Entity
and Element.  The methods were recently put back in Element and it would
make sense following the same logic the person-whose-email-I-can't-find
used to get them into Element to have them in Document too.

I would not do removeContent(Entity) because entities can't exist at the
document level.  We don't have addContent(Entity) either.

I would not do removeContent(Element) because it would result in a
malformed document and the current strategy at least is to not allow
malformed documents.  (I expect we'll revisit that later.)

I think we should also probably get rid of doc.addContent(Element)
because it can never succeed when called on a well-formed document.  We
have setRootElement() for that.

Any concerns?


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