[jdom-interest] Attribute comparison

Guy Nirpaz guyn at tantian.com
Tue Dec 5 10:46:01 PST 2000

> > > Also == helps for types like Comment because it allow you to remove a
> > > comment in a list with getMixedContent().remove(comment), and you
> > > accidentally remove a Comment that appears earlier with the same text.
> >
> > This is one scenario. But what if you want to change all comments in
> > to comments in other language. In that usecase this feature isn't
> > I'm just
> > saying here that we can decide either way. I personally prefer the
> I don't follow you here?

I mean that if for internationalization reasons you'd like to change all
comments to other ones (some kind of find/replace mechanism) - it's much
easier to do so if all comments that has the same value are replaced in one

But as I said, it's a fair decision and I can live with that ;-)


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