[jdom-interest] What do we want JDOM to be?

mgl at dds.nl mgl at dds.nl
Wed Dec 6 00:09:59 PST 2000

Perhaps Brett and/or Jason can kick off such a discussion 
by given their view on this matter.

Marcel Schepers

>Hi All,
>Recent discussions on this mailing list clearly show that 
not everybody
>understands the same way what is 80% (or 95%) and what 
isn't, and belongs to
>20% (or 5%). The project initiators (Brett and Jason) 
stated that JDOM isn't
>going to encapsulate everything that can be done with XML 
API .The big
>question is what goes in and what stays out?
>Most people really like JDOM the first time they lay their 
hands on it. And
>the excitement even increases when they do actual coding 
using JDOM (at
>least me and my team have). But, after a while people 
start looking for more
>advanced features - like XPath, XSLT, etc... . Some of 
them are inside JDOM
>some aren't yet and some will never be.
>I think it is a good point in the JDOM lifecycle to have a 
discussion on
>what eventually will get into JDOM and what will stay out.
>For example - is JDOM going to support XPath? (I know bob 
is working on
>that) If so, what are the features that we need to add to 
the API for XPath
>support? The same question is valid for XLink, XInclude, 
XSLT and others.
>I believe that if we get to agree on the functional spec. 
we will be able to
>clearly identify the design choices. People will be able 
to find out if JDOM
>is right for them (or will be in the future) or not - and 
yes, there are
>cases when it isn't ;-)
>Guy Nirpaz
>Java Architect
>Tantian Corp.
>guyn at tantian.com
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