[jdom-interest] Interface-based JDOM

Brett McLaughlin brett at newInstance.com
Mon Dec 4 10:35:36 PST 2000

"Rosen, Alex" wrote:
> Since it seems to be under-represented on this list, I'd like to put in a
> thank-you for the faction that wants to keep things as simple as possible. It's
> always hard to turn down a feature for the sake of "ease of use", which is hard
> to specify, and is perceived differently by different developers. But the
> current JDOM satisfies the needs of a huge number of people. Adding more
> functionality or flexibility will reduce the ease of use, without any added
> benefit for these people. And, if you add 3 features, each that don't impact
> the ease of use by very much, then all of the sudden you've impacted the ease
> of use by a lot.

Thanks, Alex. That is /very/ nice to hear, and very much appreciated!

> Since XML can be used for just about anything, there will never be a single XML
> API that satisfies everyone. JDOM is going for the biggest bang for the buck,
> and I think that's a great segment to hit.

Thanks again ;-)


> Alex
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