[jdom-interest] Using JDOM with JAXP...

Baptiste Lepilleur blepi at club-internet.fr
Sat Dec 2 08:43:14 PST 2000

    I started using JDOM yesterday and I must say that it is very intuitive
in its use.

    Yet, I have a problem trying to use JDOM with JAXP 1.0. I try to use
SAXBuilder but JAXP does not seems to expose the implementation of the
SAXParser. You need to use a factory to get a SAXParser and SAXBuilder does
not know how to do that (or I haven't found the correct constructor). Does
anybody know a work around for this?

    I don't want to use Xerces because its footprint is far too large for my
need(1.5M), JAXP is only about 150K. If there is no workaround for this,
does somebody know of a SAX Parser with a small footprint that work fine
with JDOM ?

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