[jdom-interest] JDOM, Xerces, and JRun

Steve Heckler sheckler at westlake.com
Fri Dec 1 10:57:26 PST 2000

Hi, All,

I'm trying to use JDOM with Xerces and JRun.  When I go to run this JSP
(which uses JDOM and the XercesDOMAdapter):

<%@ page import="java.io.*, org.jdom.*, org.jdom.adapters.*,
org.jdom.input.*" %>
String errormsg="";


	String xmlpath = application.getRealPath("jspxml/demos/menu.xml");

	DOMBuilder builder = new DOMBuilder("org.jdom.adapters.XercesDOMAdapter");

	Document doc = builder.build(new File(xmlpath));
(Exception e)
	errormsg = e.getMessage();


	<title>JDOM Results</title>

if (errormsg.equals(""))
	out.println("JDOM Parsing was successful");
	out.println("Exception: " + errormsg);

I get this error:

Exception: org.apache.xerces.dom.NodeImpl: method
(Lorg/apache/xerces/dom/DocumentImpl;)V not found:
org.apache.xerces.dom.NodeImpl: method
(Lorg/apache/xerces/dom/DocumentImpl;)V not found

I have the xerces (and JDOM) JARs installed in JRun's lib\ext directory.
What am I missing?

Thanks for your help,


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